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Mas La Carrerahas became the first and for a long time the only cattle raising in Spain to be officially accepted by the Aberdeen-Angus Society (see:, the association with headquarters in Scotland which regulates the breeding of this famous bovine stock worldwide. We currently have a black velvet-like herd of cows and bulls coming from the most appreciated genetic lines in the world, and there is actually a double aim on that: on the one hand, by crossing them with each other, to get pure breeds for replacement and to market Aberdeen-Angus bulls. On the other hand, with the contribution of these males to our common herd, to be able to offer Angus meat which has previously been raised and fed in our place. This breed, mainly in countries such as the USA and Argentina, is famous for the streakiness in its meat, which means it contains a high degree of unsaturated fat. That gives it excellent properties both for its taste and for our health. See the video attached: