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The animals welfare is neither an advertising topic from our times, nor a weary regulation which must be fulfilled; it is a way of meeting the relationship between men and animals in farms. Gandhi once said the stage of development a society had reached could be measured by looking at how people treated their animals. They mean something essential in our lives; we should therefore give them a life, and not just mere survival. In Mas La Carrera we make sure there is always such attitude behind any sort of action, be it physical or not. At a European level, there is the Welfare Quality Project (see being established as the legislative setting which is to determine animals welfare conditions in farms. The design for the new farms we are planning with architect Arnau Vegés i Tejero meets all requirements coming from those future regulations. In the Cooperativa de la Vall d'en Bas (a local agricultural co-operative), one of the main spots where we market our veal, we carried out a photographic and advertising project called “Orgullosos de Vosaltres”, what means “proud of you”, with the aim of summarizing such respect and harmony between people and animals living in the same land (see the following video: ).