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In Mas La Carrera, people and animals drink from the water in our land. By means of a 60-metres-deep well, we pump it in a way it comes perfectly filtered by the calcareous structures it goes through. Then, once it's been analyzed in an accredited laboratory, we spread it to all taps and drinking troughs (thanks to the the analysis made in april 2013 by the prestigious laboratory Dr. Oliver Rodés from Barcelona it was seen that our water is rich in calcium and contains very few sodium). Furthermore, in order not to waste the water we get from the variable rain through the year, Salvador Carrera built a pond which could get up to 12.000 m³ near the house. That allows the gathering of water from the woods basin in Mas La Carrera, which is complemented by the water pumped from yet another well, this one being 150-metres deep. The thing is, if maize means the basis when feeding our beef calves, water becomes essential to grow a good maize crop.