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Grandfather Bernatremembers 1923 being the fist time his father began to really have a herd. That, to be exact, was a small cow's herd in Monars, a mountain between the areas of Ripollès and the Alta Garrotxa. Since then, even if also experiencing with a sheep herd for some time in between, the family has devoted to mainly breeding beef calf on pasture, what is to say the calves follow their mothers, eat grass and suck milk until they are about 6 months old. At that time, they are fed at the house for another half a year, almost exclusively with maize and fodder taken from our fields. Some French breeds such as the Gascon Cattle, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Charolais or Limousin have always predominated over any others, but we have recently favoured the Bruna dels Pirineus and, above all, our last big change. As you can see in the corresponding section, we have brought in the breeding of famous Aberdeen-Angus, both for the genetics and for the meat itself. The feeding system based on stored maize gives our veal a good level of unsaturated fat, which enriches its organoleptic properties and makes it much healthier. At the moment, you will find our meat products in the butcher's of Sant Esteve d'en Bas and of the Cooperativa de La Vall d'en Bas and in the natrus burgers (see: