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Being maize the most important product to grow in our land, the fields in Mas La Carrera provide us with food which is exclusively used to feed our cattle: our cows and bulls herds, in the same way as our beef calves. Ray-grass, hay, oat and lucerne are the sort of fodder that we scythe and wrap into round bales, so that they can be properly kept, and then used as food in winter. At that time, most of our cattle has come down from the mountain and stay by the house. As for the maize, we may store the whole plant (minced), or we may just store the grain (wet or “pastone”). Those two ingredients, together with ray-grass, are approximately the 95% of the daily helping or “unifeed” in our ad libitum feeding; the 5% remaining is the feed that proceeds from the Cooperativa del Camp d'Olot.